About Us

The brand, In Style Sandals, was founded upon the very thought of introducing styles that are trending and in style. Many of the styles are here for a limited time as we all know how fast things go in and out of fashion. The reason we started In Style Sandals is because we saw that many trends across the world were overlooked. We wanted to bring these unique designs and enjoyable sandals to the masses. 

We pride in ourselves in sourcing and securing sandals that are comfortable and affordable, while being in style. We started this website in 2021and have quickly gained a loyal social media following! Our team is very friendly and we are family operated. We will treat you like how we want to be treated. Please feel free to contact us anytime  

Our founder Leeanne Smith developed the first pair of IN STYLE SANDALS by modifying one of her old sandals. This humble beginning is what drives our company and we believe that every sandal we make is that first pair that Mrs. Smith made in her basement. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at: info@instylesandals.com

Address: 3200 North America Drive, Buffalo, New York, 14224