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The Lined Insole Slides

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Style: Pink
Size: 5.5

The Lined Insole Slides are a stylish option for indoor and outdoor wear. They are comfortable and are great for many occasions as they are simple in design. They are great for year-round use, especially in the warmer  months. 


Style Open Toe
Vamp material EVA


COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The Lined Insole Slides are made of high-density material. These are light, soft, and breathable, and their excellent flexibility and durability make them perfect for everyday wear. The modern features and attractive characteristics will never go out of style even if worn for years.

SUPER NON-SLIP SOLE: The super comfy footwear features a thickened sole with an anti-slip texture design that provides excellent friction and just the right amount of support as you walk, preventing you from slipping or falling; it's very safe.

SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: The footwear can be worn indoors and outdoors, whether, at home, at a sleepover, etc., it will bring you great comfort! This footwear is suitable for everyone, and it makes a perfect holiday gift!